Monday, March 2, 2009

Google Images..

There are some of the latest images that I've come across from google images. If you didn't Know I love Google. I google EVERYTHING especially images and definitions. Also I'm a big fan of the art world. From the photography to the paintings. I love it all. I take a lot of pics but I'm no photographer. I have a character named bob that I doodle everywhere but I'm no artist. My art is dancing so that makes me a dancer. But enough about that I can go on and the images..

I'll resurrect every aborted baby and start an army..

Hmmm she can feed thousands of babies.

IDK I just can't put my hand on it..

Long hair don't care? O_o

Ahh Shoot Shoot Shoot and I made u lo_ok

Puts me in the mood for fries.

Aim Ready fire.

Ahh mans time for a new car?

A world without color would be very dull,

There would be no joy, And happiness null.

Great Shots. ^_^ Tell me which image do u like the best.


Mookie said...

I love love love the shot up car.
Everything about that pic is right

Sole Sirius said...

These pics are insane... But i like =)