Tuesday, December 27, 2011


'..the beauty of life - the pain never lasts...'

i love how temporary pain is. the reality in which our worlds briefly exist, feels everlasting; and the exaggeration of it all portrays the surrealism of it's being. if you can see the bigger picture, you are capable of underlining the puzzle pieces. the biggest of features start off very subtle and expand into realistic portraits. it's all around us. everything is a heavy load of crap and we can't stand being happy. every waking moment is history in the making. that last hour, is now the past. the mistakes we made last night, should not be considered as early morning issues. why can't we forgive ourselves? why is it so difficult to forgive and love each other? the question is why? why is the love we once shared now lost and forgotten?

the cycle of suffering is endless.