Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i am indeed a really simple minded person. i am not as deep as the ocean floors, nor am i as high as the solar system. everything is really rather simple, depending on which angle you're observing from. teach yourself how to cook. it's as difficult as you're thinking it to be. take that time for yourself. trust me, i am not sure about anything. should we be allowed to ask questions that we can't even answer? what do you believe in? answers are still very skeptical and hesitant. nothing even matters. nothing truly exist. what's the point of anything? none. there is absolutely no point of anything. i've come to an understanding that if my shoe lace is untied, or my hair is unkempt...it really doesn't matter. everything is temporary. make yourself as comfortable as possible while you're here, for it may be lost in the wind any second.


im tragedy said...

ily mami i feel the exact same way

ollieoxenfrass. said...

love you toooo