Monday, July 12, 2010

April 20th 2010 (An Excerpt from my notebook)

Heart beat coming to a halt. For my body is to weak to fight these battles any longer. Thoughts are increasingly breaking me down. The pain is unbearable at times but I say nothing and just keep to myself. Why? There's no point in talking to anyone who doesn't care. No one cares about anyone but themselves and the materials they possess. It's proven. They'll ask if everything is ok & you nod your head. Silent Screams go unrecognized and unheard for so long...until it's way to late...

They yell at you because your to quiet and oh so monotone. They never realized that you listened to everything they said and kept replaying it like your favorite song on repeat, in the back of your mind.

She tried to fight these battles but just wasn't strong enough. Yes! She is weak. She wasn't always so frail until her eyes were open to this world she's existing in. (Not fully in existence) Nothing is as it seems. Nothing ever is or ever was. So much to say and yet so little time. It's becoming harder to socialize with publiceyes.

These headaches, Stomach pains, Heart pains...

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