Sunday, April 25, 2010

Foot Prints.

Instead of taking a walk in my shoes I ask that you put my shoes on first and if you feel you can walk a mile by all means walk.

Take a walk in my shoes and record it. Tell me all about your experience. Were you able to sit in emotions? Did you feel the pain I felt? Were you able to feel the pain from another? Were you? Are u? Please tell me what it was like walking in my shoes. Was it a trip across the street? or Was it a trip thru a forest? A Maze? Tell me how do you feel? Did my shoes fit? Were they uncomfortable? Please tell me all about your experience...

Emotions sit deeper than the human eye is able to process. Silent Screams. Silent Somber. A lot of homo sapiens are afraid of revealing these emotions beneath their surface so their buried deep. Sunken like a treasure chest & X marks the spot. Awaiting the arrival of a person or person(s) to figure out the exact location of this treasure chest and dig it up. Even the most difficult treasure chest is capable of being found. The question is who is willing to invest time in looking for this hidden treasure? Or will the 'concern' be abandoned and an unsolved mystery for eternity?


Nico said...

so are you willing to open the doors to your heart and mind for me to see, or tell me the story of every footprint you've left on this earth.

☆CUPCAKE♥™ said...

I love this.. its like you wrote how I feel.. closed heart.. open mind. I love you twin :)