Monday, January 4, 2010


New year. What does this all mean? Are we really closer to our death? I'm not as positive as others. Actually I'm never positive as some of you may know. If you know me personally or if you've been following my blog posts since 2008. I have no goals or resolutions. I just have hopes & dreams that usually get crushed like a soda can. :kanye shrug?: It will take years for me to actually get my life in order. It will not happen in a day or two, a couple weeks or a 'New Year'. Change happens when it's suppose to happen. When people acknowledge their issues at hand & say 'Hey it's time for a change.' Myself? I can care less. That's my horrid demeanor that I should possible change?
Sometimes I see why others seek religion. It's a form of security. That invisible man in the sky oh how we love you & all that you've done for us. We praise thee. For you are always there when no one is. You are there when I'm at my lowest point. Oh Invisible man in the sky. We praise Thee.
I can never be one of those people. We are in control of our own destinies (as joey told me). We are our own faults & our biggest enemies. Honestly I have no idea where this is going. I just wanted to update my blog & I'm just going along with my mind & fingers.

Hello 2010...

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