Friday, May 1, 2009

Only Time Will Tell...

Please don't force or rush my ideas or meddle with my emotions, because only time will tell.
It will tell if things are assorted correctly and if not then welp the world will crumble.

Time will tell the good from the bad but after all is it really different from this or that?
I conclude not. I guess what my mind is trying to whisper will only effect the smallest of creatures. One's face isn't always of clarity or words meant to inflict on one's mentality.

Forgive those that are lost and who have sinned. They have no idea how to separate the weak form the fake. Their eyes hold the truth, which lies deep within the pupils. Who's going in with the flashlight through the ear? The nose? the mouth? Shall you take it head on?

So many different views. How will we go about and choose? Because in the end we only have Self-Reliance...

..only time will tell.

**Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.**

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